mission & vision

Changing Lives through the power of work


Through funding partnerships and the kind donations that our communities provide, we create employment opportunities wherein those with barriers to employment and self-sufficiency can learn, develop, and grow to become productive members of the community and reach their life goals.


We envision AGI as an annual $30 million dollar organization by the year 2024, with the resources necessary to support and sustain that growth. We will create an additional 400 jobs, serve 5,000 individuals in need of our services, and place 100 individuals with barriers into competitive employment year by that time. parties, or try to ‘upsell’ other services on the back of people’s generosity.

Clothes/Merchandise you can trust.

We fully vet every donation. For a list of items we need and can not accept, please visit our FAQ page.

We’re not-for-profit.

Unlike some other platforms, our mission is to help the community and donors have more impact.

Training and support.

We offer tools, training, and one-on-one support to help people get the funding and resources they need.

People you can trust.

At a time when many in Alabama have lost their jobs or cannot get a job due to the pandemic, on top of their own employment barriers, these jobs will be needed now more than ever. Our Staff is committed to serve our community and become part of the solution for poverty in Alabama.

Direct connections.

Donors know exactly who and what they are funding. They can send and receive messages and get regular updates.

Our record speaks for itself.

In 2020, our team served over 20,000 people and placed 260 people into full time employment. We have proven the capability to create jobs and serve our community members here in Alabama.

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