Melisa Smith

Melisa Smith

Job Readiness Client

Melisa Smith’s priority in her life is to regain custody of her children. Melisa was referred to us in January of
2019 for Job Preparation training, and to move as quickly as possible into Job Placement. She was a great
student in our Job Readiness course and was eager to go to work. Unlike other participants, she already had
basic computer skills and was able to handle online applications without assistance.

She was so impressive in Work Adjustment Training that she was hired to work in production with Alabama
Goodwill Industries. “However, once she began full-time employment, her main issue with maintaining
employment became clear,” says Career Coach, Sam Holmes.


“Her work schedule interfered with her priority to regain custody of her children, so we realized that our retail stores were not the right fit for Melisa.”


We advised Melisa that she needed a job with a schedule that took place mostly outside of business hours,
and that is just what she has found. She is working at Cracker Barrel as a prep cook with a better paying
position and room for advancement. They work around her visitation schedule with her children, and she has
an evening schedule that allows her to attend appointments and classes designed to help her with being
reunited with her children full-time.

She gained knowledge and experience at Alabama Goodwill, but more importantly she was able to discover
her limits and what she needed to move forward. Now she is having personal and professional success, as
well as working to bring her family back together.

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