Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

Lifelong Learner

Amanda is a product of Goodwill. She started with a sister Goodwill in 2004 with many obstacles and personal barriers that kept holding her back from becoming successful. She struggled with money and time management, plus she lacked the confidence and support to aim high personally and professionally. Her mentor at Goodwill held her hand and gave her the motivational pushes she needed to move her to the next level in her development. Amanda not only learned how to balance her work and personal life but also her bank account. She acknowledges,


“I don’t mind giving Goodwill 150% because I know what Goodwill has given me.”


Her story doesn’t stop there though. She held many roles with sister Goodwills, advancing from a Promotions Manager to a Director of Operations. The determined mind-set that she learned from other Goodwills is what brought her to Alabama Goodwill. Her persistence to remain in the Goodwill family paid off in 2018 when she was hired as Director of Learning and Development. However, she didn’t stay there long either. Amanda was recently promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Development at Alabama Goodwill and she credits this journey to God and the truly inspiring people at Goodwill that coached, trained and believed in her every step of the way!

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