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Mission Services Team

Tomeka Robinson
Good Partner Coach
Career coaches assist their clients in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. Help clients hunt down new employment opportunities, providing feedback on resumes or cover letters and strategizing for a successful job interview
Jak’Lyn Tarpley-Hall
Career Development Specialist
Develops job and internship opportunities through relationships with employers. Maintain contact pre- and post-job placement. Evaluates career or job readiness, administer tests and surveys . Provide job search training and career strategies.
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Online Classes. Hand on training. Classroom instruction

Our Programs and Services

We specialize in workforce development! We understand the limited resources  available in the current employment environment- Employees and employers need help now more than ever to find dependable and sustainable solutions.

Vocational rehabilitation and employment
services for individuals, referred by Alabama
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation,
that are disabled, disadvantaged and
chronically unemployed.

Clients receive:
* Employment Assessment
* Job Preparation Coaching
* Job Readiness Training
* Job Placement Assistance
* Retention Monitoring

A 2 to 12-week program that provides job
training skills to high school seniors with
significant disabilities. Students obtain PAID on-the-job training at Alabama Goodwill, experience in a competitive integrated setting and are prepared to transition into employment opportunities after high school.

A pilot program at the Birmingham location
and offered to Team Members through
Mission Services. The program begins with
an assessment and leads to a plan for
professional and personal growth.
Team Members are assigned a Good Partner
Coach that will assist and guide them in
identifying their goals, aide with any obstacles,
monitor their progress and celebrate their

Computer Lab for individuals to learn:
*Basic Computer Skills
*Internet Basics
*Microsoft Office Applications
* And, More!

Northstar Curriculum that offers:
*Digital Skills Assessments
(Pre & Post Test)
*Learning at an individual pace
*Digital Skills needed for employment
in office settings & beyond
*Highly Recognized Certificate of

A-RESET is for SNAP recipients including ABAWDS (Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents) to gain skills, training, and experience to find and maintain employment.

Job Search – includes assistance with job search and job search referrals
Job Retention – offered up to 90 days after participants become employed and participates in an activity
Adult/Basic Education – GED (General Education Development) assessment, classes, and testing; ESL (English as a Second Language) classes
Work Readiness Training – provides soft skills to enhance job performance
Vocational Training – participants can enroll in WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act) Program or other job skill/training classes
*Receive up to $100 a month for participating and meeting minimum requirements

  1. Online, self-guided assessments measure mastery of basic skills in each of 14 areas.Test takers can receive certificates and/or digital badges when they pass Northstar assessments in a proctored environment at a Northstar testing location. When test takers are logged in to Northstar Online Learning, the Northstar assessment result page links to self-directed online learning practice for skills not yet mastered. Once test takers pass the Northstar assessments, which certify basic skills, they are qualified to pursue more advanced training, certifications, or career pathways elsewhere.
  2. Classroom curricula provide detailed lesson plans for teachers, and can be used remotely or in person.Lesson plans are learner-centered and interactive. The lessons give learners multiple opportunities to build digital literacy skills through practice tasks. Each lesson plan includes a detailed teacher prep guide. Northstar also provides remote teaching pages and a Remote Teaching Guide to provide pointers on using the curricula remotely. Lessons are structured to include warm-ups, daily objectives, practice tasks, digital literacy vocabulary work, and wrap-ups.
  3. Northstar Online Learning (NSOL) provides individualized online instruction and practice.NSOL provides original online content that learners can access independently. When learners complete an assessment, they are automatically directed to the NSOL content corresponding to what they still need to learn. Northstar locations can create learner accounts, which track NSOL work and assessments completed by the learners.

Skills to Succeed Academy offers 36 bite-sized, interactive modules. Jobseekers will be guided on the entire journey, from choosing the right career and finding a job to achieving success in the workplace.

The training is interactive and features engaging and relatable characters. It focuses on building the skills and confidence to empower jobseekers to take ownership of their job search. Innovative simulations provide a safe environment where learners can practice real-life scenarios, such as job interviews, and instantly see the impact of their decisions.

 TRANSFR safely replicates an on-the-job environment anywhere — in rural areas, at home, in the classroom — by reducing training time compared to a traditional training environment. TRANSFR VR gives students and job seekers a hands-on, immersive experience so they can examine career options that they may not have previously considered. Alabama Goodwill understands the difficulties in finding valuable training and experience for those seeking a job. The 6-week curriculum covers hospitality, construction safety, paint robotics, automotive maintenance, and various other programs. SNAP recipients will be able to enroll in courses that they are interested in and explore different opportunities presented to them. On April 5th, 2021, Alabama Goodwill will now offer Virtual Reality sessions from 9:30-1:00 pm at the Birmingham Goodwill location. For those interested, there is no cost in registering for the program. In fact, participants are eligible for a stipend! To register, job seekers can visit www.AlabamaGoodwill.org or email learnmore@alabamagoodwill.org.

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By partnering with employers, innovative software companies, and subject matter experts, we can train clients, provide assessments for digital literacy, develop skills, and assist with job services to ensure each client reach their goals, wherever they are on their journey.

Online Classes. Hand on training. Classroom instruction


Alabama Goodwill has partnered with TRANSFR VR to bring Alabama SNAP recipients into the future with 21st century technology! Alabama Goodwill will now offer Virtual Reality sessions from 9:30-1:00 pm at the Birmingham Goodwill location. Come to the Birmingham Location to learn more!
For those interested, there is no cost in registering for the program. To register, job seekers can visit email learnmore@alabamagoodwill.org.
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