Charitable Campaigns Horizontal

Digital Skills Literacy

We offer FREE Digital Skills Training programs through a partnership with Google, Goodwill Industries International and various grant funding. Our goal was to serve 8,000 people by 2021 and we surpassed that goal with 17,733 in 2020.
Raised: $30,001.00
Goal: $100,000.00

Work-based Learning

We offer a FREE Work-based Learning Program to coach soft skills, workforce readiness and on-the-job training for positions like cashiering, customer service, pricing and More!
Raised: $64,637.00
Goal: $65,000.00


This is a NEW Program that we need the seed money in order to get things started. This will allow us to make mission more accessible to individuals with barriers to employment!
Raised: $0.00
Goal: $100,000.00