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Alabama has one of the highest poverty levels in our nation. Alabama Goodwill is committed to fighting this poverty. We have a rare opportunity to do this by creating over 500 new jobs in the next few years. These jobs will go to our impoverished community members with barriers to employment, and provide success at work and life skills training to help those not easily employed rise out of poverty and become productive members of our communities. At a time when many in Alabama have lost their jobs or cannot get a job due to the pandemic, on top of their own employment barriers, these jobs will be needed now more than ever.


Goodwill was founded in 1902 by a minister who wanted to help his impoverished parishioners. He provided them “a hand up, not a hand out” when he collected donations and had them clean, repair, and sell the donations. No longer taking handouts in the street, his parishioners found dignity and hope in a steady paycheck and training for needed job skills.


Well over a century later, Goodwill still provides that same dignity and hope for those in our communities who desire “not charity, but a chance” to gain steady employment, as well as job and life skills training. See Sharron’s inspiring story here for an example. For more success stories such as Jacqueise and Melisa, visit our website at www.alabamagoodwill.org.


All those served by Alabama Goodwill are local to our Alabama communities, so all donations go fully toward helping our fellow community members. In 2020, our team served over 20,000 people and placed 260 people into full time employment. We have proven the capability to create jobs and serve our community members here in Alabama. Goodwill is different from other nonprofits in that we have the well-developed capability to create jobs as a central point of our mission. We have 1,225,000 households in our geographic territory. This provides us with the reach to employ hundreds more and serve thousands more.


In order to help the next Sharron, Jacqueise, Melisa, and many, many others, we need partners. Goodwill is more than an organization that takes donations and provides affordable clothing. We help our community members with employment barriers rise from poverty, and we will create 500 new jobs in the next few years to continue this work with your help.


For philanthropists and funders, we believe that you would like to have a compelling story to tell about how you have partnered in the community to reduce poverty. As a partner with Alabama Goodwill, you will generate many more stories like Sharron’s, knowing you are creating jobs and positively impacting generations of our fellow Alabamians. 


If you wish to partner with us and become part of the solution for poverty in Alabama, please contact David Wells at davidwells@alabamagoodwill.org for more information.   


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