Our Story

Alabama Goodwill Industries, Inc. (AGI) is based in Birmingham, and was founded in 1927. AGI’s territory includes 38 counties in the north and central parts of Alabama.

AGI’s mission is to create jobs from donations, place community members with barriers to employment into these jobs, and provide job and life skills training to help them overcome their barriers and become self-sufficient, productive members of their community. See Sharron’s inspiring story here for an example.


My name is David Wells, and I am the President and CEO of AGI. I started here mid-2018. Since 2018, I have worked to build a team focused on creating more jobs, and on serving more people. In 2018 AGI served 220 people, placing just a few into jobs. In 2020, our team served over 20,000 people and placed 260 people into full time employment.

Employment at AGI has grown in round numbers from 100 in 2018 to 250 in 2020. This employment at AGI starts with our first Core Value which is “Self-Actualization – we work with all team members to help them reach their highest potential and life goals.” We provide team members with extensive training on AGI core topics, their job, success in work and life, and upskills such as digital literacy. We provide a Good Partner Coach, a life coach, to help team members plan to overcome barriers and reach goals. They then become productive, self-sufficient members of their community.

When AGI grows to our potential in our northern and central Alabama territory, we will create at least another 500 jobs. Not too many other organizations can make this claim. However, to get there, we need your help.

Alabama has one of the highest poverty levels in our nation. AGI can lower that level. We have 1,225,000 households in our geographic territory. This provides us with the reach to employ hundreds more and serve thousands more.

All we need is funding help to bring our current efforts up to this scale. Our hope is that local philanthropists who have a desire to impact the poverty level in Alabama will listen further to our story, and help us in our fight against poverty.


David Wells

President & CEO

Alabama Goodwill Industries, Inc.