Is your CEO Mark Curran and is he paid millions of dollars?

Absolutely not! Unfortunately social media has spread a false rumor about Goodwill and a few other charities. Visit or to learn more about this false rumor from outside sources.  Our CEO is David Wells and he has a very modest salary to operate an organization with 200+ employees. We are a very transparent organization and at anytime you can access our financial reports in the important documents section at the bottom of this page or visit You can also visit for more details.

Is Goodwill a non-profit?

Goodwill is 100% a non-profit. We are regulated by a board of directors and certified through CARF. We are a hand-up not a hand-out charity that turns your donations into dollars to support our mission of putting people to work!

Can you give me a value for my donation?

We do offer a guide to help you determine your donation for tax purposes but by law we are unable to put a value on your donation. Please talk to your tax professional for details.

Is there a fee for your skills or digital classes?

We are so pleased to offer these classes to you 100% FREE! People like you donate gently-used goods, then we sale those items in our stores and those dollars fund our mission to provide training, coaching, jobs and more! Sign Up for a FREE class today!

Do you do home pick-ups?

At this time we do not offer home pick-ups? We invite you to use one of our CONVENIENT Donation Centers or Drive-Thrus where a donor greeter will be available to unload your donations.

What happens to the items that I donate?

When you donate, you help put people to work. How? The items we collect are sorted, priced and sold in our stores. We use the money from the sale of these items to fund job training programs and employment services. Each year, we serve thousands of individuals and help place them into good jobs. Thank you! You make a difference in the lives of so many of your neighbors.

Does Goodwill repair items?

Goodwill used to have a training program that trained people to repair broken donations that were then sold. Our mission model has since changed. We no longer have that training program and are not equipped to repair items. We access the quality of donations before placing them on the selling floor. We do not intentionally sell items that are broken, torn or soiled.

Can I donate a car to Goodwill?

Yes, you can! Please email to learn how.