Do you do home pick-ups?

At this time we do not offer home pick-ups? We invite you to use one of our CONVENIENT Donation Centers or Drive-Thrus where a donor greeter will be available to unload your donations.

Is there a fee for your skills or digital classes?

We are so pleased to offer these classes to you 100% FREE! People like you donate gently-used goods, then we sale those items in our stores and those dollars fund our mission to provide training, coaching, jobs and more! Sign Up for a FREE class today!

Can you give me a value for my donation?

We do offer a guide to help you determine your donation for tax purposes but by law we are unable to put a value on your donation. Please talk to your tax professional for details.

Is Goodwill a non-profit?

Goodwill is 100% a non-profit. We are regulated by a board of directors and certified through CARF. We are a hand-up not a hand-out charity that turns your donations into dollars to support our mission of putting people to work!