General Questions

We do not do pick-ups but we have more than 20 convenient locations across Alabama goodwill where you can donate. Search for the one nearest to you using our Location Finder by entering your zip code. All of our donation centers are open seven days a week for your convenience.

There are many charitable organizations doing great work in Alabama When you donate to Alabama Goodwill we sell your gently-used items to support our mission to put people to work. Learn more about some of our services and success stories under the Find a Career tab at the top of this page. In addition to helping Alabama Goodwill job seekers and their families, when you donate to Alabama Goodwill, you help divert millions of lbs. of materials from landfills every year.

We accept clothing, shoes, accessories, books, furniture, small appliances, household items, CDs/videotapes/DVDs/records, linens, and sporting equipment. While we like to say we can accept almost anything, there are a few items we cannot accept. Click here to review a list of items we can and can’t accept.

Everyone. Goodwill helps people who face various obstacles to employment. The obstacles include lack of work history; physical, mental and emotional disabilities; limited education; language barriers; criminal background; dependency on public assistance; corporate downsizing and other challenges that stand in the way to employment. Our services meet the training and placement services available to those who need them.

Absolutely. You can make monetary donations directly from our website at Donations. Financial donations are also tax deductible. Be sure to print your receipt to keep for your tax records. We appreciate your support in helping us put people to work.

Alabama Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Revenue generated in our stores supports our mission to put people to work. Additionally, Alabama Goodwill provides job training and placement services for people with barriers to employment –such as veterans, people with disabilities and people with criminal backgrounds – as well as people looking to obtain new skills and credentials. More information on our training programs and the success stories of those we’ve served is available under the Find a Career tab at the top of this page. Join us in making a difference for tens of thousands of Alabamians and their families this year by donating and shopping with us today.

We Can not accept…

  • items in need of repair
  • carpeting
  • animals
  • water-soaked or stained items
  • swing sets
  • children’s swimming pools
  • air conditioners
  • doors
  • chemicals
  • paint
  • weapons
  • wall cabinets
  • tires
  • mattresses
  • boxsprings
  • large appliances (stoves, washer/dryer)
  • lumber
  • motor vehicles of any kind

Items We Need…

  • clothing
  • housewares
  • books
  • furniture
  • lamps
  • knick knacks
  • radios
  • antiques
  • shoes
  • clocks
  • small appliances
  • china cookware
  • glassware
  • kitchen utensils
  • toys
  • records, tapes, CDs
  • linens
  • jewelry
  • bicycles
  • sporting equipment

All of our centers are open seven days a week for your convenience. Most Shopping centers are open from 9am-7pm Monday through Saturday and from 11 am-4 pm on Sundays. Our Donation Centers are usually open 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sundays. You can check the hours for your nearest center on our Location Finder.

Career FAQs

Goodwill operates Career Centers across Alabama Goodwill some of which are conveniently located in the same space as our stores and donation centers. All Career Centers are open to the public and equipped with people and resources to help job seekers and micro-business owners. We have computers with Internet access, fax machines, photocopiers, telephones, and just about any other resource you might need for job search or business development.

Yes, any jobseeker or micro-entrepreneur can use the Goodwill Career Centers.

Our diverse training and employment services include job training through real work experience, job coaching, and continued support even after going to work. Our skills training focuses on some of the fastest growing industries including construction, forklift, floor technology, custodial and hospitality.

Yes. Visit Jobs at Goodwill to find out which positions are currently available and to apply.

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