Gently Used Goods

Turn Unneeded goods into something good.

When you donate goods to Goodwill, you make a difference in people’s lives, strengthen communities, and create a healthier environment. Every item you donate helps support our mission of putting people to work. The items you donate stock our stores. The proceeds from our sales support the operations of our Career Centers and other programs that help your friends and neighbors get back to work.

Click the “Locations” Tab for Donation Center Locations. 

Items We Need

  • clothing
  • housewares
  • books
  • furniture
  • lamps
  • knick knacks
  • radios
  • antiques
  • shoes
  • clocks
  • small appliances
  • china cookware
  • glassware
  • kitchen utensils
  • toys
  • records, tapes, CDs
  • linens
  • jewelry
  • bicycles
  • sporting equipment

Items We Can’t Accept

  • items in need of repair
  • carpeting
  • animals
  • TV’s
  • water-soaked or stained items
  • swing sets
  • children’s swimming pools
  • air conditioners
  • doors
  • chemicals
  • paint
  • weapons
  • wall cabinets
  • tires
  • mattresses
  • boxsprings
  • large appliances (stoves, washer/dryer)
  • lumber
  • motor vehicles of any kind
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