Strategic Plan

Alabama Goodwill Industries, Inc.

2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan

Executive Summary


During  Alabama Goodwill’s new five-year Strategic Plan (2014-2018), our organization will seek ways to better implement our mission of serving individuals in the community that are disabled and/or disadvantaged.  Through the use of a SWOT Analysis, our organization identified our stakeholders, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  By analyzing these four categories, we arrived at the critical issues that would form the goals, objectives, and strategies that we felt were appropriate to guide our organization through the challenges and changes that we anticipate during the five years of this plan.


Six Critical Issues were identified through studying our previous five-year plan, looking at a list of our Major Agency Functions, reviewing our By-laws, performing an Environmental Scan, and completing a SWOT Analysis.  These six issues are:


  1. Revenue and Expenses
  2. Implementation of Mission
  3. Human Resources
  4. Public Relations
  5. Proactive Risk Management
  6. Technology


Our Goals for the next five years based on the Six Critical Issues are:


#1          Increase Revenue and Reduce Expenses


Alabama Goodwill will make frequent assessments of our sources of revenue and expenses.  We will determine on a continuing basis what steps and/or changes are needed to increase our revenue and lower our expenditures throughout this Five Year Strategic Plan.  Our environmental scan led us to believe that the only safe approach to maintaining a stable revenue that will support our mission is to assume that the economy will remain unstable over the next five years and that traditional revenues will continue to be lower than in the past.  We believe that these five years will present many unexpected changes in the economy.  Therefore, our organization needs to be prepared to deal with the challenges that will confront us.


#2          Enhance Ability of Organization to Implement the Mission


Alabama Goodwill will strive to enhance the ability of our organization to implement our  Mission through the enhancement of all the functions that help maintain our 501(c)(3) legal status, the maintenance of financial integrity, and continuous attention to our community standing. and keeping available the programs described throughout our literature.


#3          Strengthen Human Resource Areas – Management, Employees, Volunteers


Alabama Goodwill will seek ways to strengthen all of our Human Resources areas – management, staff, consumers, and volunteers.  Over the next five years, we will identify ways to handle the retirement (or disability needs) of the considerable percentage of staff members that will reach retirement age, ways to increase the referral of consumers, and ways to replace our volunteers that are leaving due to age, illness, reentry into the workforce, and/or other interests.  We will also identify how to best train and mentor the next generation of staff members and volunteers coming into our workplace.


#4          Further Enhance Alabama Goodwill’s Already Excellent Reputation


Alabama Goodwill’s Public Relations areas will be surveyed to determine how we can increase and strengthen our communications in order to keep our good reputation in the community, encourage donations, be perceived as a “green” partner, be valued as a vital part of the community, and address any negative comments from the community or national publicity issues.


#5          Make Risk Management 100% Proactive


Alabama Goodwill has a Risk Management Plan that covers risk assessment and management as required by our accreditation agency, the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.  Our goal over the next five years is to remain knowledgeable concerning all of the risks in our environment and stay 100% proactive in dealing with those risks.


#6          Update Technology


Alabama Goodwill will research our technology needs during the next five years and make sure we are financing and implementing those needs – especially computers, Internet access, computer programs, client training devices, store systems, and telephone systems.