Alabama Goodwill Industries, Inc.

2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan


This Strategic Plan (SP) is the product of environmental scans and stakeholder input with regard to human service needs in Northern Alabama. The community tells us that jobs are needed that can serve as training venues and springboards to lift those at the lower socio-economic strata into productive vocational tracts meeting employer needs for skilled workers now and into the future. Our stakeholders tell us that we need to build on our great foundation, raising the image and impact of Alabama Goodwill Industries (AGI) to their rightful potential. And in so doing, to serve more individuals with barriers to employment who seek “A hand up, not a hand out”, while working to serve more of those with significant barriers to employment and self-sufficiency who seek “Not charity, but a chance”.

We use a three year planning horizon, and include a visionary additional two years. We have restated our mission to encompass the breadth and scope of services that AGI currently delivers, as well as those we plan to deliver in the future. We have evaluated our Core Values (CVs), and developed those values from within that we believe in and feel we must stand for to accomplish our mission, CVs that form the foundation for all we do. We present our SP utilizing a balanced scorecard that is intended to provide a roadmap with goals and activities that we can measure for our learning and toward our progress.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our board, staff, and community partners and stakeholders who have all provided exceptional input and value toward our completed SP. We look forward to working with all involved to bring our vision to life!