2018 Board of Directors

The members of Alabama Goodwill’s Board of Directors are volunteers from our community.  They do not profit in any way from their volunteer service to our organization. 


Chairman:                                            Herbert L. Boring

Vice Chairman:                                   Ted Springer

Treasurer:                                            Roger Cartwright

Secretary:                                            Tommy Hughley

Immediate Past Chairman:               Paul Beasley




Rick P. Causey                                                                                      

Rayford L. Coleman                                                                             

Coleman Daniel, II

Dr. John A. Davis, Dentist                                                                    

Frank Dickinson , Jr.                                                                            

Ruth Dyer                                                                                                                                                                        

Perry Given , Jr.

William Hawkins

Kenneth Hubbard                                                                                

Doris Ingram                                                                                       

Heather Newsom Leonard                                                                                                                               

Marshall Rathmell, CPA                                                            

Paul J. Sharbel                                                                                        

Thomas E. Walker                                                                                

LaFacial Wilson Moore PhD (Ex-Officio Member)